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„Henning Sieverts: Double Quartet“ is now available!

An international octet with eight fine musicians from USA, France, Luxembourg and Germany.

It works as double quartet and also sometimes as two „twin pairs“: two saxophones (Loren Stillman: as, ss and Sylvain Rifflet: ts, clar), two harmonie-instruments (Florian Weber: p and Pascal Schumacher: vibes, marimba), two bass-instruments (Francois Thuillier: tuba and Henning Sieverts: b, cello) and two drums (Jochen Rückert and John Hollenbeck).

„Henning Sieverts Double Quartet“ came to life at the „Tonspuren“-Festival 2014, led by myself as „composer in residence“.
While researching over 600 years of this former Benedictine Abbey`s history, I unearthed a Mass composed in 1614 by monks specifically for the Abbey´s festival of St.Benedict.

I chose two elements from this festive Mass: a Cantus Firmus and a hexachord – they permeate my Irsee music as „leitmotif“ in many creative forms.
On the Double-CD „Hexacor“ from 2015, two „Tonspuren“-Concerts are documented, the third Programm with completly different music appears now on this CD „Henning Sieverts Double Quartet!

CD orders (15 Euro) can be made here

On the „Sounds“ page you can listen to some samples of „Henning Sieverts: Double Quartet“.

Further information on „Henning Sieverts: Double Quartet“ can be found here:

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I´ve won the „New German Jazz Award“ for the second time since 2007! This time with drummer Bastian Jütte´s quartet, which features alto saxophonist Florian Trübsbach and pianist Rainer Böhm. Both the concert and the award presentation took place on 19th of march 2016 in the „Alte Feuerwache“ in Mannheim. The debut CD of this fine band was just released by „Unit Records“ as the „Bastian Jütte Quartet: Happiness Is Overrated“.
I´ve purchased a wonderful old cello: made in 1760 by Viennese violin maker Johann Joseph Stadlmann – it sounds fantastic – I´m very happy!

„Henning Sieverts: Vibes & Strings“ is now available!

An exciting Live CD with my new quartet from the famous Munich jazz club „Unterfahrt“: with New York vibraphonist Tim Collins, Australian guitarist Peter O´Mara and Matthias Gmelin on drums. This cd was released as part of a new series in collaboration with „Enja Records“ and it´s a big honour to be the opening group for the „Edition Unterfahrt“!</strong>

„Henning Sieverts: Vibes & Strings“ springs to life through the appealing combination of crystaline vibraphone and warm strings. The compositions are mostly groovy with a striking beauty arising from this unique instrumentation.

CD orders (15 Euro) can be made here

On the „Sounds“ page you can listen to some samples of „Henning Sieverts: Vibes & Strings“.

„Henning Sieverts’ Hexacor“ is now available!

A double CD with concert recordings from the "TONSPUREN“ festival 2014 at Kloster Irsee (Bavaria), in which I participated as "Composer in Residence". Also involved: a "dream team" of jazz soloists (Loren Stillman, Sylvain Rifflet, Florian Weber, Pascal Schumacher, Francois Thuillier, Jochen Rückert, John Hollenbeck) and 18 strings of the "Bavarian Chamber Philharmonic Orchestra Augsburg". "Henning Sieverts’ Hexacor" was released by the label "petit paquet records" and costs 19 euro.

CD orders can be made here

or on www.tonspuren.de

On the "Sounds" page you can listen to a sample of "Henning Sieverts’ Hexacor" or to many other of my CDs.

Further information on the music of "Henning Sieverts’ Hexacor" and the "TONSPUREN" festival can be found here:

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A fantastic documentary about the „Tonspuren“-Festival</strong> was recently released!

The DVD „Tonspuren – der Film“ shows the three festivals of 2013, 2014 and 2015 in all their colourful variety, interesting for everyone who visited the „Tonspuren“ festival and also for anyone who will then notice what they´ve missed...

In November 2016 will be the premiere of my suite „Bachs Blüten“ commissioned by the „EOS chamber orchestra“ from Cologne, together with some jazz soloists. Details (Dates, personal) to follow soon.
I continue enjoying my job as presenter at the Bavarian Public Radio. Information on the individual broadcasts can be found under "Radio".
Teaching at the Academy of Music in Munich is equally fun!
Last but not really least: The best is and remains playing on stage with great colleagues and for a great audience!
Individual concert dates can be found under "Live".